Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites Create Great User Experiences

Todays QR (quick response) is an Indianapolis web site development company, designing and building mobile websites using J-Query.   Our focus is on ensuring a great user experience so that viewers will further engage with your company.

A mobile website should be more than a carbon copy of your desktop website.  A good mobile friendly website actually contains less content, but the content is all key information surgically placed for easy access with big fingers.

Typically mobile users are trying to find basic company contact information for a desired product or service.  Functional buttons such as “One Touch to Dial” and “One Touch to Map” make it easy for the user to gather that needed information quickly.  Extended features such as streaming video and social sharing help to expanded mobile marketing opportunities, especially when the user is waiting somewhere and they turn to their mobile device.

QR codes can be used to draw people to your website and to expand the message of print media.  We focus on best practices for using QR codes by creating unique landing pages to add value to print advertising.  QR Codes are an instant vehicle to deliver additional information found in print – instant interactive information for your customers.  No matter what your products or services are, if you want your audience to have a richer experience to compliment the print message, you need QR Codes.

Because QR Codes are online, this enables you to effectively measure the reaction and engagement with that audience. Have you ever wondered the value of the phone book, or how many leads were generated from a specific print magazine ad? When they scan the QR Code, you’ll know if your advertising dollars were well placed or need to be moved somewhere else.

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